How do I Take Online Quizzes in Math 106?


Using the online testing system


Basic procedures:

The testing system is located at (use the link for section E0105)

The first page of the testing site contains a list of course sections using the system. Click on the link for your section (corresponding to your course and instructor) to take you to your section login page. You also may want to bookmark this page on your browser.

Login page: Your login name is just like the one that you use for WebAdvisor and Blackboard: first initial + last name + last three digits of your student ID#. For example, if your name is John Doe and your student ID# is 1234567, then your login name is jdoe567. Your initial password is your full 7-digit student ID#, but you can (and should) change it once you log in.

After you log in, you have just five options (each of these options is explained in more detail below):

Important: Do not use the "Back" and "Forward" buttons on your browser when you are using the testing system. If you do, you will be immediately logged out of the system. Instead, use the links on each page to move around (there are really only five places to go, namely the options listed above ( Choose Assignment, View Assignment Results, etc.).

Choose Assignment:

View Assignment Results:

Change password:

Email your instructor:

Log out:


System requirements

The testing system requires an internet browser along with the Acrobat Reader software. In particular, it requires that your Acrobat Reader software be configured to open pdf files within your browser. That is the usual behavior after you install Acrobat Reader, but it's possible that you may have changed that behavior in the Acrobat Reader preferences.

If pdf files do not open up within your browser, first try opening up Acrobat Reader, look at the Preferences, check off the preference which says "open within browser", and then check that preference back on again. Then test your setup again. If it still doesn't work, then you may need to reinstall Acrobat Reader. Make sure that you install the browser plugin if the installation program asks you.

Finally, you must also have Javascript enabled in Acrobat Reader (this is the default setting).


OPTIMATH Question Types and Syntax

OPTIMATH has a number of different question types. While some questions are multiple choice, most of them are "free response" with an answer box for you to type in your answer. For the most part, you can enter your answer in "calculator syntax", pretty much as you would on a graphing calculator. For more details, you should read the Math Syntax page. This page is also accessible to you during the tests (look for the link underneath each answer box). Most of what you need to know is mentioned on that page.

There are a few additional items that should be emphasized:


Other hints and information: